VDB Moto decide that they wanted to make a more retro and versatile bike than the standard Harley, fuelled with their love for the V twin, low end torque engine they set to work on the Sportster. The scrambler conversion began with rebuilding the front, when VDB Moto roped in Mark from Crossroads Performance.  Showa inverted forks were used and mark created a set of bespoke aluminium triple trees. A pair of taller progressive shocks help to lift up the rear end of the bike. The stock wheels were dropped and replaced by a pair of 18″ Spokes to show off the retro/classic theme of the bike. The added height improves the general stance of the Sportster.

VDBMOTO_H-1_2The bike was swapped from belt to chain and the engine is now fed through a Boyle Custom air cleaner, straight high pipes completes the punchy effect of the engines revamp. A Chainsikle rear set has dropped the riding position by 4″ and works perfectly with the new Enduro handlebars. The cockpit received a Motogadget speedometer located in the headlight bucket with mini switches, all wired inside the handle bars, and micro LED indicators found on the bar mounts. The frame was shortened and new modifications were made to accommodate the rear indicators, steel fenders and headlight. The ignition key and coil have both been moved to make better use of the battery box, which obtained a new ballistic unit.

VDBMOTO_H-1_6The Sportster now uses a LED toggle as a kill switch, located by the fuse box along with the ignition key. To finish up a 77′ Hondamatic tank was modified to fit the frame and then installed on the Sportster. The brown leather seat was made with a ribbed style, complimenting the pastel Jaguar green paint that VDB Moto has opted for. The finish is great and the classic look of the Harley has definitely been shown some scrambler roots.

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