The XJ750 was created by Dream Wheels heritage, founded by Helder Moura and based in Portugal. Richie Motorcycle Designs quickly created a render for the XJ750. The donor bike was Yamaha’s four-cylinder, plain Jane from 1983.  This choice of donor bike is little different to a lot of projects, but the plain jane is a great cheaper alternative to some of the more traditional options.DWM-XJ750-EA 3/4 of a litre tank , 80-odd ponies and transmission were all used on the XJ750. The project was going for a nimble scrambler appeal so the fuel tank was slimmed down to keep the theme going. The Stock frame was replaced with a smaller version, custom for the bike again to reinforce the scrambler theme of the bike. The cross stitched seat was also made by Dream Wheels Heritage, a nice added touch. The new rear of the bike is propped up with new Hagon shocks.DWM-XJ750-BMetzeler Karoo 3 wheels (110/18 front 140/18 back) , A custom LED tail light and hand-made fenders have all been put onto the bike for the nimble scrambler appeal that Dream wheels heritage was creating . A UMM 4×4  headlight is fitted to also enforce and off-road theme which suits the bike far better than I would have expected. The handle bars have been fitted with Biltwell Thrusters to compliment the hand crafted seat.DWM-XJ750-FThe engine and shaft drive were both in a severe shape, after a quick patch they were back up to full steam. The XJ750 needed a new coat of paint with the stator cover getting the special treatment, receiving a mirror polished finish and engraving. The bike was finished of with Megaton reverse cone pipes.DWM-XJ750-GThe XJ750 has great look to it and the client must certainly be happy about the build. I think the phrase built, not bought is perfect for Dream wheels heritage and I look forwards to seeing future projects.

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