Zymol Carbon Wax

OK so it may be a little bit far fetched but rumor has it that Zymol Wax is made from so many natural ingredients that it’s possible to eat it! OK, well I’m not going to be the first to try that, but it’s certainly true that the best place to store it between washes is in the refrigerator.

Not sure your mom or wife would be too impressed with that, but hey, one jar of this wax can cost from $49 and that’s for the cheapest option. The wax shown here is Zymol Carbon Wax which is specifically developed for dark colored cars and so Zymol say, puts a deep reflective shine into your vehicles paintwork whilst giving it greater protection.

Containing 37% carnauba wax, other natural ingredients include banana, coconut and montan oil. (Before you ask it’s not a typo. ‘Montan oil’ is a natural solvent derived from the sap of the German Coal Black Evergreen tree.)

Zymol are known for producing custom waxes and cleaning products for extremely rare and classic cars. Take for example the ‘Zymol Vintage Glaze’ that is based on a custom formula developed for the 1947 Bentley Mark VI Cabriolet, winner of several “Best of Shows” in its debut year on the concours circuit. Sounds amazing right Except it’s over $3,000 per tub. Zymol really is the pinnacle for the most indulgent and wealthiest of enthusiasts.

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