An amazing piece of motorsport history produced by British brake manufacturer Ferodo. This is the film, ‘Never start something you can’t stop’ which documents Ford’s challenge to become a three times winner of the “toughest race in the world” the 24 Hours of Le Mans with their now iconic Ford GT40 driven by Pedro Rodriguez and Lucien Bianchi, and entered by John Wyer’s Gulf Oil team.

The first few minutes, which is introduced and narrated by Sir Stirling Moss is a flying lap of the Le Mans circuit using on-board cameras and is an amazing insight into the speeds and lines achieved by the machines of the late 60’s. Alarmingly the lap highlights the sandbanks used instead of run off areas, and later in the film you can see just how potentially perilous these could be when Aussie driver Brian Muir beaches his Ford GT40 on the sand and has to get out mid race with no safety car or red flag to dig it out with a shovel.

There really is some great footage on this film, so kick back for 30 minutes and watch the toughest race in the World, 60’s style!