This is master class from Kiddo Motors on how you build a bad ass custom scrambler. You take an old standard Honda NX650 Dominator, you grind that mother down and strip it to it’s spare parts and then you build it up again with the best damn parts that you can find. A chopped and looped framed, black Excel rims, Easton handlebars, custom rear fender and exhaust and then one super slick paint job and graphics in bare aluminum, red, white and blue.

Topped off with a handmade brown leather flat seat, scramblers seldom look better than this. I think I may have just found the inspiration my next project!

Visit the Kiddo Motors Website to see more of the Kiddo Uno

The-Kiddo-Uno-Honda-NX650-Dominator_01 The-Kiddo-Uno-Honda-NX650-Dominator_03 The-Kiddo-Uno-Honda-NX650-Dominator_04 The-Kiddo-Uno-Honda-NX650-Dominator_05