W400 3-Dom Brat by Untitled Motorcycles

Following in their spirit of building beautiful but practical bikes, the boys and lest not forget gal (Anita) have hit the spot again with their transformation of this Kawasaki W400 into a full fun city bike machine.

Indicators – nah. Neutral switch – nah. Mirrors – nah. This bike draws its inspiration to a simpler time in life when everything was focused on the riding experience with no distractions that modern machines now bring. You can just imagine the smile that Gideon, its owner has on his face as he zips in and out of traffic (be careful buddy) and round the streets of London, with this cracking beauty.

W650’s have been as regular on the bike builder scene, but the W400 shares its charm and beautiful engine design, and arguably makes a case as superior city bike where nimbleness trumps top end power.  We particularly like the custom paint job by Jay at JMA, and the serious level of work and skill that must have gone into hiding the battery box.

We don’t know the story behind its naming of 3-Dom, but if we had to guess it was a misspelling and was meant to be 3-Dons –  in tribute of the trio at UMC who built this bellissimo machine.