Bell Custom 500 Red Flake Helmet

Nothing screams “the real deal” like “the real deal” and in this case it’s the Bell Custom 500 Red Flake Helmet. Around as long as every one of us can remember, the Bell 500 was first created by Bell founder Roy Richter back in 1954 and has continued to look good and stand the test of time ever since.

Perhaps fair to say that the Custom 500 is like a fine wine, getting better and improving with age and with each and every reincarnation of the original. Very much the case with the Red Flake model which looks damn fine as well as being DOT approved and as safe as houses! The Custom 500 weighs 1200 grams and comes with a pretty impressive five-year warranty.

Personally I wear a Matte black Bell Custom 500 and the build quality and comfort are second to none, I feel safe and secure whenever I hit the road. Perhaps now it’s time to ‘Flake it baby’ and bag myself a red one!

Buy your Bell Custom 500 Flake Helmet at the Union Garage