Spidi Dirty Seven Leather Jacket

This is the super stylish Spidi Dirty Seven Leather Jacket made from, wait for it…. soft Buffalo Leather which is a pretty rare thing these days. It’s possibly this, and the combination of uncompromising design and style that gives the Dirty Seven a vintage look that is about as authentic as it gets.

From the first day you slip it on, it feels as comfortable as an old favorite and looks likes you have been wearing it for years. It’s safe AND dry thanks to it’s insulating removable lining that makes it alot more waterproof than your average leather motorcycle jacket. And with the Spidi name, you know that quality and reliability is guaranteed and assured.

There is an extra layer of protection on the elbows and hard CE Force Tech protectors in the elbow and shoulders with an option for a Spidi Warrior back protector.

Priced at $599, The Dirty Seven weighs approximately 2.4kg, so is light, durable and a Jacket you can wear everyday – on and off the bike.

Buy yours online from the official Spidi store

Spidi Dirty Seven Leather Jacket Spidi Dirty Seven Leather Jacket