Ever wondered how they film those crazy angles on TV commercials, music videos and feature films? It’s basically all done by a bunch of kids with some serious toys! – The Copter Kids!

The Copter Kids are bunch of young guys with over 20 years RC experience and a combined knowledge of over 10 years in video and film. Their low range, compact unmanned aerial platforms are able to go from ground level to 400ft in a matter of seconds and reach speeds of 70mph.

Shooting commercials and footage for the likes of Toyota, BF Goodrich and Hot Wheels, their awesome work is quickly gaining some serious recognition in the industry.

You should definitely watch their 2012 showreel that is packed with nothing short of spectacular footage.   About 2.15 into the reel, the Porsche 911 and Jeep footage is simply breathtaking and there is no way this could be done without using tech like this! Angles like this were simply thought impossible before these guys came along.

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Copter Kids Copter Kids Copter Kids