The Le Gicleur Noir Motorcycle has got to be one of the best Deus customs available right now. The genius team at Deus take a stock Kawasaki W650, strip it down to bare nuts and bolts, throw in the trash the parts they don’t need and get working on the bits that they do.

As with most Deus customs the airbox is gone which also leave the side panels redundant. Some sick air filters are added, the battery is relocated and an awesome looking 2 into 1 ceramic-coated exhaust is fitted.

Deus Customs - Le Gicleur Noir Motorcycle

New custom fenders, rear taillight and front headlamp are added, all in black of course with Tingate clip-on handlebars and Daytona Clock.

A matt black paint job and custom Deus graphics finish off this bad boy! Like most Deus custom motorcycles the price is on application only, but you can guarantee it’s worth every dime.

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