Kaufmann Mercantile - EDC Kit

This might be just about one of the simplest and most amazing products in the history of the world ever! – OK, a bit of an exaggeration there but come on, this is truly brilliant!

The EDC Kit by the ever awesome Kaufmann Mercantile is something of a revelation when it comes to having every little tool and gadget you will need for a trip, vacation or day in the forest all on one handy durable keychain.

Whether you need to navigate your way to the next gas station, light a fire in the woods or simply open some mail at your desk, then this kit has every conceivable tool, gadget or ‘thing’ you could ever need.

And guess what, if you need more, or a different combination than the team at Kaufmann Mercantile have put together in this particular EDC kit, then you can build your own kit! That’s right, build your own EDC kit with over one million possible combinations, making sure you have the items you need the most and nothing else taking up valuable pocket real estate!

The EDC kit shown here costs $219, is made in the USA using stainless steel and brass. The only problem now is deciding what tools you can’t live without!

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Kaufmann Mercantile - EDC Kit