This is Part 2 of Champions Forever: The Formula One Drivers, a Formula 1 documentary released in 1975 which had the original title of ‘One by One’ and was then re-released in 1978 with the title ‘The Quick and the Dead’.

It’s hard to imagine access like this to modern day Formula 1 drivers or dare I say even NASCAR or Indycar stars like we see in the opening scenes of part 2 of this 1970’s documentary about the lives and deaths of Formula 1 drivers. Imagine next year we see a pre-race interview with Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg in their Monaco apartments, in their underpants putting on their fireproofs and overalls from a holdall by the side of the bed like we do here with Francois Cevert. Not likely, and whilst I’m sure the female fans wouldn’t mind, we are never likely to see access like this ever again.

Many of the drivers that feature in the film, such as Francois Cevert and Peter Revson would later lose their lives whilst driving a Formula 1 car, which makes it even more intriguing and chilling at the same time.

The soundtrack, the brilliant cinematography and the up-close and personal footage of the bravest of sportsmen of their day make this a Formula 1 documentary that every F1 and motorsport fan should watch. Clear an hour and a half and enjoy something truly wonderful.

Watch part 1 here