Rudy Project Spinhawk Review – Multilaser Green (Cal Crutchlow Replica)

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Rudy Project Spinhawk

Ever since we first featured the amazing Rudy Project Cal Crutchlow Replica Spinhawk sunglasses on King of Fuel we have been inundated with enquires and requests of how and where you can get hold of some for yourself.

Well ladies and gentlemen the wait is over. (At least for the UK readers of Now in stock and ready to ship, we got hold of one of the first pairs of the Tech3 colourway Spinhawks to hit the high street.

As a long time wearer of Oakley Sunglasses stretching back over twenty years, I still vividly remember collecting my very first pair of specially ordered Frogskins. I was eighteen, and it was a big day. Just like that day twenty years ago, I was filled with excitement all over again when a package arrived from Rudy Project last week, and at the very least, I was expecting the quality of the Spinhawks to match that of any pair of Oakley Sunglasses.

And you know what, they didn’t disappoint. As soon as you get the Spinhawks out of the box, you feel the quality as they balance in your hands. Unfolding the arms, you get a sense that these sunglasses feel fit for purpose and sliding them on, they hug your face like they were custom made, just for you.

The green ‘Rudy’ logo on the arms stands out as proudly as the Prada ‘red stripe’ and as boldly as the Oakley ‘O’. The colors on the outside of the Multilaser green lenses range from green all the way through to purple under different angles and while wearing them you see an almost pinkish color tone.

Made famous by MotoGP rider Cal Crutchlow, when you slip these bad boys on you get a sense that you are a driver, not a passenger. That you discovered a brand way before anyone else and that everyone is just trying to play catch up.

With Cal moving to Ducati for the 2014 season, I’m just hoping Rudy Project will design a Ducati colorway, giving me the excuse to get another pair!

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