Ruby Pavillon Shibuya Helmet

Helmets don’t come much classier and more sophisticated than the Pavillion from Paris based Ateliers Ruby.

The open face Ruby Pavillon Shibuya Helmet was inspired by two very different things. On the outside the helmet was modeled on a Knights helmet with a coat of arms and a distinctive peak. The inside of the helmet is made from pure Nappa Lambskin and is reminiscent the interiors of classic luxury cars.

Each Ruby helmet has an outer shell made from layers of carbon fiber, kevlar and fiberglass. Ruby uses technology developed by the aerospace industry meaning their helmets are lighter, stronger and infinitely better looking than shells made from your usual injected plastic!

How much do you want one of these? OK. They are €650. But worth every cent!

See more of the range online here

Ruby Pavillon Shibuya Helmet