Triumph Scrambler - 'The Fox' by Spirit of the Seventies

This Triumph Scrambler is an instant Spirit favorite on the custom scene due to is shortened stance, 2-into2 bespoke exhaust, wide rims, and massive deep tread tires. These extra touches combined with a souped-up engine with extra torque, a newly customized seat, clocks by Motogadget, and an ally battery box that also works as a mudguard, rear lamp and plate holder make this bike turn heads no matter where it’s driven. New sprockets and chain were installed along with progressive front springs and classic motocross handlebars to give this bike its much-deserved nickname, ‘The Fox’!

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Triumph-Scrambler---'The-Fox'-by-Spirit-of-the-Seventies_02 Triumph-Scrambler---'The-Fox'-by-Spirit-of-the-Seventies_03 Triumph-Scrambler---'The-Fox'-by-Spirit-of-the-Seventies_04 Triumph-Scrambler---'The-Fox'-by-Spirit-of-the-Seventies_05 Triumph-Scrambler---'The-Fox'-by-Spirit-of-the-Seventies_06 Triumph-Scrambler---'The-Fox'-by-Spirit-of-the-Seventies_07