Deus Dakar 450RR

This is the super awesome Deus Dakar 450RR that has just arrived back after its rather spectacular journey through the deserts of Chile and Argentina in the 2014 Dakar Rally and ridden by Italian Luca Viglio. All the dents and scratches can still be seen along with dirt and sand that forms the epic stories behind all Dakar entrants.

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Deus-Dakar-450RR_02 Deus-Dakar-450RR_03 Deus-Dakar-450RR_04 Deus-Dakar-450RR_05 Deus-Dakar-450RR_06 Deus-Dakar-450RR_07 Deus-Dakar-450RR_08 Deus-Dakar-450RR_09 Deus-Dakar-450RR_10 Deus-Dakar-450RR_11