6/5/4 Motors newest build is this 2007 Triumph Bonneville Scrambler, made for their latest client. He wanted more off-road capability for riding close to Stockholm in the local woodland areas. The overhaul of the bike began with fitting new components to make the bike comfortable to ride in the woodlands.654_shoot218583The front and rear forks were swapped for some Öhlins upside-down forks in combination with triple clamps to hold them in place. New Perelli Scorpion Rally tires we added to give traction in muddy environments. The black leather seat was fabricated on top a plastic base and the back of the fuel tank was raised to even things out a bit.654_shoot218494At the rear of the bike the frame rails were slimmed down and brackets for new turn signals were added. The exhaust is a 2-into-1 arrow from aftermarket, this meant several parts had to be relocated including the fluid reservoir and the rear brake. A few other parts were thrown onto the back including the fender and side covers courtesy of JVB Moto and a new custom hanger.654_shoot218446A whole array of parts were put onto the bike for better handling in woodland areas. Parts include Grimeca controls, Fatbars mounted with new clamps, Biltwell Mushman foot pegs, a MMB speedo and new headlight. The braking system was also overhauled with new discs and Braided steel hose. M-Switches, m-Lock keyless ignition and m-Relay+ flasher relays were all added to make the bike easy to use. Some parts were fabricated in-house including license plate bracket, headlight bracket, skid plate and fork protectors. 654_shoot218556The Triumph Bonneville was finished off with a dark grey paint scheme on the tank. The other parts were painted in black to go along with the engine. The bike looks like a blast to ride around any woodland. Another great addition from 6/5/4 Motors.

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