The latest build coming out of Shaka Garages workshop is this BMW k100 from 1985 which was received in a fairly good condition. The goal of the build was to enhance the lines of the build and add a little extra wight towards the front of the bike. The LED headlight with a yellow lens was used to bring back the weight to the middle of the bike and to give a muscular appeal.IMG_8897bThe rear frame was rebuilt as an in-house fabrication with several parts being redone. The seat was made in a brat style and the cowl was also custom-made. All the other aluminum parts were fabricated for the K100 matching the tank. The bike also had side tables with gills, hence the name, and a front fender also made to give extra weight to the front. All the paint is in reference to the BMW Sportica and adds a nice touch of color on top of the aluminum finish.IMG_8944bThe exhaust was handmade and inspired by American dragster to add some aggression. A new muffler was also added to keep the noise under control on this K100. The previously mentioned side tables also hide the radiator at the front of the bike whilst not hindering its ability.IMG_8934bThe aggressive look on the bike really gives it a unique appearance that is very distinguished from the other K100 builds out there. The bike has a nice fresh feel to it created by the bare aluminum and small amount paint.

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