Sander Ilves fixed up this 1984s R80 BMW after it was crashed by a previous rider, making it his own work of art. The bike was built by Sanders alone with him working in his home garage in Estonia. The front end of the bike was in ruins and most of the bikes parts were not up to scratch. The first thing done was to strip the bike down and see what parts needed a new replacement.25_08_2015_BMW_R80_04The frame was cleaned up with all the excess tabs being removed and a the old subframe was torn out. A new subframe made for a perfect fit was welded on to support a slimline single seat. The frame was also braced and strengthened to help with the new suspension added on. Sander chose some KTM Supermoto USDs for the R80s suspension as the stock forks did not live up to the tracker standard.25_08_2015_BMW_R80_08The rear was converted to a mono shock with a Yamaha R6 spring and all other components built for the new shock. The engine needed cleaning inside out and several parts were replaced to get the best performance. The air heads were rebuilt and new gaskets were added along with them. Sanders made some custom 2 into 1 stainless pipes feeding into a metal muffler located close to the frame making the R80 more compact. 25_08_2015_BMW_R80_07The stock carbs were cleaned and a new set of inward facing K&N filters finish of the slim look of the bike.The tank was reshaped to fit in with tracker aesthetic of the bike. All wiring was modified to go along with the new front and rear LED indicators. The headlight stayed the same with a new mount added and the dashboard is made up of new and original LEDs. The tank and rear fender were painted in copper to finish the R80.25_08_2015_BMW_R80_06The built looks stunning and for a first build is exceptionally good. I can’t wait to see what Sanders will build next and hopefully he will continue his great work. The total cost for the bike was €3500, not bad at all.25_08_2015_BMW_R80_03