The latest project from very talented workshop Ton-Up Garage, Blubber is inspired from a combination of the Honda CX500 and marine mammals, always craving extra energy. Blubber in its truest form represents the freedom of the ocean, named after the skin that marine animals have, storing fat and provide energy. The name suits the bike perfectly showing the efficiency, difference and the character that blubber means to both the animals and other bikes.

The front fairing metal was built to house the headlight, with the rear subframe cut and rebuilt whilst some new footpegs were adapted onto the machine. The wheels were pierced, with screws implemented around for an awesome effect.



New exhaust pipes were fitted and painted white. Exhaust tubes with a new curved design were built to trail around the engine and then cover it sticking with the themes of white exhaust wraps. The rear shocks were updated, with the front suspension shortened a small amount. The bike was particularly tricky at this point as it needed rebuilding to fit the specs specs inside and outside of the suspension.

A whole array of features were fitted to Blubber including vintage tires, air filters, LSL clip-ons, a new motogadget speedo and handlebar grips. Headlights and taillights were also fitted, with a new lithium battery to accommodate all this.


Electronic components were all restored to the best condition and a small box was built into the frame to store the parts. Some other various parts also had to be replaced, with some receiving a much needed upgrade. A custom grey leather seat was built exclusively for Blubber, which complements the theme of the bike very well. This was definitely a worthwhile choice.

The bike has and excellent finish that represents the rush of riding but also shows the love of the sea. The combination of the two factors is inspiring for any rider and creates a very nice feel. What’s even better is the fact that Blubber is up for sale so check it out at Ton-Up Garage!

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Honda-CX500-BLUBBER_02 Honda-CX500-BLUBBER_03 Honda-CX500-BLUBBER_06 Honda CX500 BLUBBER Honda-CX500-BLUBBER_09 Honda-CX500-BLUBBER_10 Honda CX500 BLUBBER Honda-CX500-BLUBBER_13

Pictures taken by the Ton-Up Garage crew.