Nuno’s Custom Honda Dominator

Nuno Capêlo recently teamed up with Dream Wheels Heritage to create this awesome Honda Dominator with Nuno creating the designs himself. The custom scrambler as built-in a retro style referencing Honda’s from the 70s such as the CL450 or TL250.Nuno’s Custom Honda DominatorThe first thing Dream Wheels Hertige added to the Honda Dominator was a Casal T-185 Trial fuel tank, which provided a large surface are for the TL250 inspired paint scheme. The custom two-into-two exhaust and seat were both made by Dream Wheels Heritage to showcase a bit of the CL450 in the Honda Dominator. All electronic components and the new gel battery are housed in a under-seat tray residing in the custom subframe, an in-house fabrication.Nuno’s Custom Honda DominatorA LED tail light can be found at the rear of the bike accompanying the new fender with the front also receiving a new fender. The Dominator’s engine was stripped down before being rebuilt to breathe some life back into the bike. A K&N filter replaces the stock airbox and the Dream Wheels Heritage logo has been stamped on. The engine was also painted in the TL250 style and the Transmission was replaced for better performance.Nuno’s Custom Honda DominatorUp front a custom number board mounted with a fog light from an old car sits between the forks. A number of modifications have been made including a new Koso speedo, Domino grips and a set of fatbars provided via Dyna Racing. To top things of a set of adjusted Yamaha YZ426 forks have implemented along with new brakes.  The wheel have been replaced with Continental TKC80s.custom-scramblerIt was not too long ago that we featured the XJ750 Scrambler from Dream Wheels Heritage and once again we are very impressed with the quality of the bikes leaving the workshop. We also commend Nuno on his taste for 70s style Honda’s.

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