OEM Lightning MK1 - Yamaha SR500

This is the latest project from Old Empire Motorcycles, a Yamaha SR500 called The Lightning MK1.

Built around a 1979 SR500 and with a tight budget the boys at OEM wanted to create something different, but not too radical and quickly settled on the idea of a rear monoshock. A custom sub frame was fabricated onto the original swing arm suitable to mount a custom Hagon monoshock based on a Kawasaki ZXR400 spec shock.

“Taking cues from its namesake the English Electric Lightning, this cold war inspired custom utilises a modified monoshock swingarm, shortened front and handmade tail unit to great effect.”

The front of the bike has be considerably lowered with the tubes and yokes, being machined down by a number of inches, and then new stiffer springs inserted. The warning lights and handlebar mounts then removed and twin 48mm gauges added to the handmade headlight and shroud.

As always, the very distinctive style that Rafe and the OEM team have forged, is something to behold and always a thing of beauty, especially with the Lightning. Best of all the Lightning is still available to buy, so be quick and you could be the proud owner of this amazing machine.

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