OEM-Typhoon 1995-Ducati-900ss-_09

This stunning beauty the ‘OEM Typhoon’ 1995 Ducati 900ss is the first motorcycle build from the OEM Imperial collection, a new range from the creative bike building geniuses at Old Empire Motorcycles (OEM) based in the United Kingdom.

Built using a 1995 Ducati 900ss donor, the Typhoon has been developed “without compromise” using an organic design process that evolves whilst building, rather than having a predetermined or fixed set of designs and drawings. Remaining sympathetic to the original 900ss the Typhoon has a whole bunch of carefully engineered, hand-made components such as the custom brass headlight, the awesome looking custom stainless exhaust system and the purposeful handmade ‘go faster’ rear pegs.


“The perfect showcase of the very best aesthetics from the original motorcycle”

Other custom modifications include: Heavily modified frame, Custom Girder forks, Custom speedo and tacho, 21’’ front wheel quad leading shoe drum brake, 21’’ rear wheel single leading shoe drum, Custom bars and a Custom bevel gear throttle.


The guys at OEM led by the super creative Rafe Pugh, seem to grow and grow with every new build they release. Each bike gets sexier and sexier and more and more desirable. The quality improves leaps and bounds with each new concept and their vision for the ever changing custom motorcycle market, seems to put them one step ahead of the game time and time again. If this is the first of the Imperial collection, then I for one cant wait to see the second and the third!

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