Ever since it was unveiled back in 2012, the Jaguar F-Type, has made its mark in the automotive world as the quintessential British sportscar, winning accolades including the World Car Design of the Year award.

Now into its fourth year of production, the range has a welcome addition in the form of the British Design Edition for 2016, as the coupé or cabriolet that drivers will choose, is based on the 3.0-litre V6S model, which comes with 380bhp and four-wheel-drive. Coupled with the eight-speed quickshift transmission, a lightweight aluminium chassis, the British Design Edition will take just 4.9 seconds to get from zero to 60, whilst doing it in style.

Available in colours inspired by the Union Jack, prospective owners can opt for Caldera Red, Glacier White and Ultra Blue, with the latter being a new addition to the colour choices for F-Type owners. Owners can also go for that welcome stealth look, by choosing Ultimate Black as the exterior finish.


All cars will have contrasting stitching on the plush leather seats, which gives the interior an extra bespoke touch. This is alongside the unique branding on the headrests, tread plates and the satin-finish carbon fibre centre console trim. The Sport Design pack gives the exterior a welcome aggressive look, complimenting the 20-inch Cyclone wheels with unique Satin Grey finish, with an uprated braking set-up helping the car to stop as well as it accelerates.

The Meridian sound system is available with the standard 380 watt output, or owners can upgrade to the 770W Surround Sound System for a fully-immersive music feel to accompany any road trip you decide to embark on.

Jaguar’s InControl and InControl Plus infotainment systems help to keep you connected on the road, as well as some interesting functions being accessible via any Apple Watch users. By a press of the touchscreen, they’ll be able to unlock and lock their F-Type, as well as even remote starting it.


The new addition to the F-Type family will be hitting the roads this Spring, giving more people the chance to experience just how good the car actually is. It can either be with a roof over your head, or the wind in your hair, with the roar of the active exhaust giving you a tingle down your spine as you bury the throttle.

To find out about the new cat that’s about to tear up the tarmac, you can check it out here.