Jaguar C-X75

Unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, Jaguar’s C-X75 was set to be the very first hybrid supercar to hit the streets ahead of the likes of the McLaren P1, Ferrari’s LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Hybrid.

Unfortunately, this 4-wheel drive behemoth was cut from its prime in December 2012 by the firm’s Global Brand Director, after the economic crisis hit all markers hard, including the automotive sector. Since the cancellation of this car, which would have cost potential buyers between £800,000 to £1million, five fully-functional prototypes were still being developed with the gas-turbine assisted technology, hitting top speeds of around 205 miles per hour.

But this year saw the car return into the spotlight through the welcome medium of film. The 24th film of the James Bond film series, SPECTRE, starring Daniel Craig, would see the Jaguar C-X75 be immortalised on the silver screen.

Jaguar C-X75

The car itself, which was repainted in a copper-orange colour, was driven around the streets of Rome by Mr. Hinx (played by ex-WWE star Dave Bautista), chasing down James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) in his Aston Martin DB10.

And for all those Bond fans wanting to see this car in person will get the chance to see it on display and in action, as it heads to the  forthcoming Autosport International Show in January 2016.

Developed with the help of Williams Advanced Engineering, a static version of the C-X75 will be taking pride of place on the Grove-based outfit’s stand. This car is a part of the special display that Williams will be bringing to the show itself, to celebrate its history that very weekend.

This is as well as one of the other six cars provided for the film set to roar around the Live Action Arena, which was specially prepared to endure the rigours of every day stunt driving, so as to chase down 007.

At Autosport, 007 won’t have to worry about this beast behind him on the city streets. However, the tarmac will meet its match at the NEC in Birmingham, when the audience will see this car live and burning up some rubber.