Porsche Classic Centre in Gelderland

Many dealerships that are supported by major manufacturers will be able to offer you a wide variety of services, including new and used car sales, body repairs and aftersales.

However, Porsche has decided to provide a world’s first for its current clientele, as the Zuffenhausen-based manufacturer has just opened its first Porsche Classic Centre in Gelderland, just outside Arnhem, in the Netherlands.

It’s the first time that you can go into a dealership to buy, service or repair any historic Porsche from the stable of a supercar dynasty from 911s to 959s and much more.

It adds another new dynamic to the Porsche Classic Partner service that is currently in operation, with 24 global locations helping to maintain the cars that currently run to this very day, which totals approximately 70 percent of the total Porsches that have been built.

The Classic Partner service that is currently offered to classic car owners, will be a part of the ever-expanding global dealer network that Porsche currently has in place, as the brand is looking to have 100 dealer centres up and running by 2018.

The current network that exists at present, ensure that your Porsche, be it a 914, 944 or even a classic 911, will be cared for as only they know how.

10 of the current Classic Partners are located in Germany itself, with the aim to train all employees to have the correct knowledge that will fill every classic Porsche owner with complete confidence.

So, just like having a new car, these centres will have their own Classic-specific section, with all work being carried out with the correct tooling and even genuine parts from the factory itself.

When a car like a Porsche is truly engineered for a fantastic driver experience, it’s good to see that the car maker cares about it’s own, whether the car is a few months old, or even 50 years old.