Filmed in 1967, First Time Out is a film about the Ford powered Lotus 49 Formula 1 Car and it’s first win at the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort, all on it’s first outing no less.

Lotus driver Jim Clarke had not even seen the Lotus 49 until he reached Zandvoort and team mate Graham Hill had only managed a few testing hours behind the wheel. A few months before Ford had commissioned Keith Duckworth and Mike Costin to set up a Formula 1 programme (known in worldwide motorsports today as Cosworth) and the 410 bhp, 3.0 liter V8 engine was created especially to power Colin Chapman’s Lotus 49.

This was a first for F1 with the engine forming an integral part of the whole car, supporting the rear suspension and the monocoque body also. Well worth a view for the short 10 minutes it runs for!