A couple of weeks ago we featured the Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6 which had just arrived in the states ahead of the Super Bowl and was being show cased by the team at Mercedes Benz USA. Well Mercedes have just released this amazing new video of the G63 doing exactly what it does best, and that is being a bad ass 6×6! As they put it:

“Six wheels, three axles, eight cylinders, two turbos, quite a lot of sand and 544 hp. Oh, and a driver in a mighty hurry.”

This really is one awesome beast. Visit the Mercedes-Benz website

Mercedes-Benz-G-63-AMG-6x6_01 Mercedes-Benz-G-63-AMG-6x6_02 Mercedes-Benz-G-63-AMG-6x6_04