Marc from Motofication has built their most recent client this interesting BMW K100. The build started in December 2014 and is now ready to showcase to the world. The build initially began when the K100RT was torn down so the frame could be bent. The frame was reshaped so the K100 flowed better.02_08_2015_robrock_BMK_K100_04The tail was also torn down to weld a loop on, which holds the brake and tail light as well as the cowl. Martin Kuethe provided seat for the K100 and some 1980’s aftermarket rearsets were also obtained and resized for the K100. The electronics had to be run through a small device from a flying brick forum user.The gel battery and device can both be located in the tail of the K100. 02_08_2015_robrock_BMK_K100_11The total weight was bought down to 200KG with a revised air box and injection system. The tank and tail were polished and not painted while some components were powder coated.The bike was made as a tribute to the flying brick system and does the job nicely. Marc has done a great job to transform the k100 into something far better than the original.

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02_08_2015_robrock_BMK_K100_02 02_08_2015_robrock_BMK_K100_06 02_08_2015_robrock_BMK_K100_08