Nigel decided to build the BMW R80 in Side Rock Cycles workshop with the help of craftsman Pete. Nigel wanted to make the quick and comfortable but lower and larger than the stock model. The engine was reconstructed with a Sienbenrock 1000cc kit to give the bike a hot-rod kind of theme to it. The frame had to be modified and cleaned up with a welded section to replace the original subframe. The frame was coated in a mushroom hue, a strange choice but works great in contrast with the rest of the bike.Siderock-OJ-1-THUMBA 5 police-spec tank was chosen to provide a large area to cover with the unique choice of paint. The bike was based of Nigel’s inspiration Ed Roth, a custom builder from the 50s and 60s. The paint was of course chosen in the style of Roth, Nigel decided to use Roth Tropi Cali orange flake. The paint gives the R80 a far more unique look that really captures the custom style of the 50s. The tank also has room for the battery and a HGU crown gas cap which was welded into place.Siderock-OJ-7The front suspension was lowered by around 5″ and a new set of yokes were installed about 2cm wider then regular to accommodate the large front tyre. Custom 1″ Biltwell tracker bars were added as well as a Motogadget MST vintage speedo , cup holder and Motogadget m-switches mini. The rear swingarm was also modified to house the larger rear tyre. The Morad rims keep with the bright colors and are laced to the BMW’s stock hubs with stainless spokes. The rims are 16″ by 3″ for those wondering. 16″ 500 Avon Gangster white walls were also fitted to the wheels for the hot-rod appearance. Glen Moger fabricated a custom white Aston Martin leather seat, with a pair of white Pure Grips also fitted to the handlebars.Siderock-OJ-8The headlight is an old 1947 Lucas King and the rear light is an AHC Titmouse. Seven sins monster plug wires finish things of the same Roth Tropi Cali orange flake paint. This is one of the far more unique builds that we have featured at King Of Fuel but we hope it’s certainly not the last. Nigel’s BMW R80 is a great way to show of his inspiration, Ed Roth and I think theR80 looks amazing with its completely new style.

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