Steven Robson runs his own business which involves breaking down bikes and selling parts meaning there was an endless supply of parts for his T140 Scrambler. The bike was picked up from Ebay and hasn’t been running since 1998, Steven had his work cut out for himself. With a whole array of parts at his disposal, Steven had the liberty to test out many pieces for the build.Stephen-North-Triumph-8There are so many modifications made to this bike so we will quickly go over them. The T140 was sent to Sky Classics to have the spigots re-threaded and the valve seats replaced for new ones. The engine was damaged so that had to be sent of to SRM to be rebuilt. The engine came back with a new pair of rods and dynamically balanced. New pieces put on include vapour blasted cases, gaskets, main bearings, oil pump and new seals. The T140 was given a Tony Haywood belt drive primary and clutch.Stephen-North-Triumph-6Aprilia RXV 45mm Marzocchi forks were shortened to 9.1cm and bearing caps with a larger diameters were welded to the headstock. The bike runs on 19″ Excel rim and Talon hub. Bespoke Goodridge hoses are connected to a Magura 4-pot radial calliper and a Mitas trials tyre rounds things of. At the rear Storik created a longer swingarm, all adjustable. Maxton created a set of adjustable shocks to give a firm ride. An 18″ Morad rim has been anodised in black to match the front and attached to the T140.Stephen-North-Triumph-9The fuel tank was originally going to be an indian made tank but after some complications Steven got a tank made for him. Wassel carbs were initially fitted but didn’t work very well so were swapped for some Amals. The power is taken care via a small lithium battery and managed by a 3-phase stator, rotor and regulator rectifier. A new electric ignition was added along with a twin output coil. Mudguard brackets, battery tray and seat pan are all from Steven’s collection with the seat fabricated by Saddle Craft.Stephen-North-Triumph-5 The exhaust and Bitlwell Canon silencers were ceramic coated and the mount was moved backwards. There were a ton more changes that Steven made but the build speaks for itself. The bike looks great, a very nice transition for the T140. You can check out Stevens shop online and i hope he can set up his own website soon.

Steven’s Shop Here

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