Ferrari FX Programme

Part two of our visit to Maranello with and Ferrari last month is the pretty amazing Ferrari XX programme. Where starting from €1.2 million you can have your own 599XX based on the 599 GTB Fiorano.

But for Ferrari’s most dedicated and passionate clients, they have developed the FXX programme which is centred around the Enzo and provides anyone with a spare couple of million a track car that simply smashed the competition on Top Gear test track by a pretty staggering margin.

Of course like the Ferrari F1 Corse Clienti programme you don’t get to take an XX home. It’s kept here at Maranello and flown to a circuit of your choice with a team of Ferrari technicians ready to race, then shipped back and prepared in time for it’s next outing.

Ferrari are understandable very secretive about who owns any of these, but they did tell us that Michael Schumacher not only helped to develop the FXX but also owned one. Now those are some pretty impressive credentials.

ferrari-xx-programme-2 ferrari-xx-programme-3 ferrari-xx-programme-4 ferrari-xx-programme-5 ferrari-xx-programme-6

Photography © by Simon Tann

Watch the FXX lap time on BBC Top Gear