Johnny’s 1979 Yamaha SR500 by MotoHangar

Every so often, a bike comes along at just the right time which captures the perfect combination of custom and classic elements, and Johnny’s SR500 by Virginia-based bike shop Motohanger is just that kind of bike that is attracting lots of attention in the custom scene. The original 1979 Yamaha SR500 did not get a massive overhaul, and it is not a big powerful beast either. But it does have an slick design that is becoming more and more popular at a very affordable cost.

Johnny’s 1979 Yamaha SR500 by MotoHangar

This single cylinder motorcycle features a hand built leather seat, some bare metal body styling, and a lowered front end. The rear tail cowling and tightened up rear shocks by Hagon also add to the impressive look. With extra added touches that include braided brake lines of stainless steel and modified vintage head and tail lights that now accommodate modern bulbs, Johnny’s SR500 has the look of a beastly bike but handles perfectly on nearly any type of terrain.

With a customized header complete with a yoshimura silencer, an forward electric controls with minimum wiring components, and powder coated wheels highlighted with thick Firestone rubbers, this Yamaha SR500 is both easy to maneuver and to maintain for even the most inexperienced biker.

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